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About triana

This is Triana, you will find her in several places around the website, as she is the inspiration of

It all started as a website for just one baby, Triana. A couple of weeks before she was born it occurred to me that she ought to have her own online baby book. Not an off-the-shelf blog, or some one-size-fits-all online site to share pictures or videos. No, she ought to have her own unique website that combined all of that and other features specific for babies and parents of babies. I wanted to have a flip book so we could see how she was changing. I wanted to have a timer that would tell me her exact age to the minute. I wanted to have a picture gallery for every month of her babyhood. I wanted to... the list went on an on.

All of this prompted me to create, the first and unpretentious take at creating a site where my family and friends could follow Triana’s babyhood. But also a place for her, for Triana, so in maybe 15 or 20 years from now she could look back and see how her childhood was and how much she impacted us. And maybe much sooner she would actually write her own posts to it.

A few months later during a conversation with a friend of mine who is also father of a small child, a new decision was made: every parent of a baby should be able to create a website for their child, not just me. And it should be easy, no programming required. And it should be possible to post updates to the parent’s Facebook accounts from it. Or it should be private and accessible only to authorized people if the parents so chose. And the memories of the baby’s first years ⎯ in the form of stories, pictures, or videos⎯ should be preserved safely with the tools offered by the latest technology without the parents having to worry about it. And again the list went on and on...

So that is how BabyTriana was created and continues to be created every day as new picture galleries and stories are uploaded on your baby blogs. So go ahead and create!

I hope you will enjoy it. Thank you for being a part of BabyTriana.

* If you create your site during the promotion period.