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An online baby book or a baby website?

Saturday, November 5, 2011Pablo
Your baby's story in an online baby book

What is That is an excellent question. More than once I have heard it is the Facebook for babies. “Except is it improved and truly protects your child’s privacy” I reply. The truth is that from the beginning, it was difficult to find a phrase that encompasses everything that the BabyTriana project has to offer. 

There are numerous ways to describe this application; you can say that BabyTriana is a blog for babies, an online baby journal or a virtual baby keepsake book. You could also say it’s a baby photo album or a photo and video gallery for babies. Or how about a baby website? All choices would be correct and at the same time they would not be accurate because each statement describes only some of its features and does not do justice to everything BabyTriana means.

As you know BabyTriana is bilingual and our struggle to describe the website was even more challenging in Spanish. Terms such as baby book or baby keepsake are quite hard to translate to Spanish. Even the translation for website is debatable; página web, sitio web, just website... What is Spanish for “Create a baby website”? Crear una página web de bebé? Umm...

How can we show justice to in only one phrase? We had to settle on something and after serious consideration, we finally decided online baby book was the best choice of words. In Spanish we went with álbum digital de bebé. Good choices, even though you still need to read its extensive feature list to know everything has to offer to parents and families.

Choosing well is also very important because search engines are much more likely to find us by the term we feature across our pages. So the question becomes which keywords you —BabyTriana’s potential user— are more likely to use to find us in your Google search.

We’d love to know your opinion. If you were to search for an application such as BabyTriana, what keywords would you use? Please use the comment form below to let us know. Helping us is very easy!

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