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Why create a baby website?

Saturday, November 19, 2011Pablo
With BabyTriana your site is unique

Even during your pregnancy, before your precious baby is born, you will want to share all the joy and new developments in your life with family and friends. Of course once the little one arrives, you will collect tons of adorable pictures and priceless videos along with loving stories that will be treasured for years to come.

That said, life with a baby can feel hectic and it is difficult to keep relatives up to date on your baby’s adventures and developments. A Baby Website is the perfect solution; it is convenient and simple and will ensure that your family and friends can follow your baby’s developments from anywhere in the world.

These are just some of the things you can do in your personalized baby website:

  1. Display your best pictures and videos in one place. You can transfer photos and videos from your digital camera or smart phone to the computer and upload them in minutes. So much more convenient than traditional baby keepsake books.
  2. Your baby website is your online baby book. Capture memories, emotions, and those unforgettable moments and save them for ever. The online baby book will facilitate and automate the process making the preservation of your baby’s memories seamless.
  3. Your baby website blog is your online baby journal. Write what you felt when she smiled at you for the first time, when she started crawling or said her first words. Add pictures and videos to the story and edit them later. You can’t do that with a regular baby journal, now can you?

But it gets even better. With an online baby journal you can let your family members write their own stories and share them with you. How about having the grandparents tell what they felt when the little one came to visit? It’s so easy they only need to know how to type.

There are many reasons to create a baby website and even more to do it with BabyTriana. BabyTriana has numerous features that make it unique and stand out among other online baby websites. Visit our extensive feature list to read them all.

Are you worried about your child’s privacy? gives you two options to create a free website for your little angel:

  • Choose a public website and show off your child to the world. Any of your friends, family and community can view your baby's site.
  • Choose a private website. Protect your privacy while showing off the newest member of your family with the family and closest friends that you select. Only the people you authorize can view these pages.

Whichever option you choose, creating a baby book is as easy as 1-2-3. Would you like to create your own free baby website now?

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