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Watch out for our baby's online presence

The online presence of babies and children in general is a concern for many parents. The proliferation of social websites of all kinds has made publishing media about your child extremely easy. It is only natural that parents are worried about its consequences and  want to have some degree of control over the situation, whether that means to simply be aware of what is published, or completely enforce their children’s privacy.

On the other hand, as parents we want to take advantage of the extraordinary opportunities the Internet offers to share memorable moments of our children with family and friends. For many families, loved ones live far away and it is only logical to leverage the World Wide Web in order to facilitate their relationship with your child, no matter how far the distance. However, achieving this goal while preserving your child’s privacy, can be a challenge.

You need a specialized tool that provides the security features that your child requires:

  1. An admin tool that allows you to control access to your baby website. The best solutions will allow you to set different levels of access to your website, such as admin, author, and guest roles.
  2. The ability to publish and delete media at will, whether is content, pictures or videos.
  3. A management tool that allows you to easily find and manage everything you ever posted. After all, you cannot really delete items if you cannot easily find them or even know they exist.
  4. The ability to terminate your online baby book if you so wish, effectively removing all content and media.

Luckily, these tools exist and are available to you through BabyTriana’s free online baby book application. We encourage you to visit and create a baby book for free now. Stay tuned for our next article "How secure is your online baby book? Know your options" that highlights why is the best option for an online baby book and all of the features that are available to you free of charge.

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