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Facebook vs Blogs vs Online Baby Books

If you read our last article "How secure is your online baby book? Know your needs?" you may be wondering now what you can do to protect your child online privacy. Today we explore your options:

Facebook and Facebook-like sites

The Internet is relatively new and the most popular social tools that exist are still evolving. They are not oriented to children and the direction they are taking is not baby-friendly. They serve a legitimate purpose but it is clear that Facebook and Facebook-like sites do not provide the privacy-protection most parents require:

  • In practice, you give up all rights to media and content that you publish to Facebook. The result is that pictures or videos of your baby that you upload, or text that you post to Facebook stops being yours and becomes the property of Facebook.
  • There is no separation between your privacy and your child’s privacy. Your child cannot have his own account, therefore he is denied his own privacy space.
  • Facebook makes it quite difficult for you to delete your account. Consequently it is very difficult to remove your baby presence on Facebook.

It is also worth noting that Facebook has the right to close your account at their sole discretion, if they feel you infringed their terms of use, which would remove all material related to you and your baby. Were this to happen to you, the consequences would be catastrophic if you had trusted your Facebook account to store or organize media about your baby. This is another important issue that we address in our upcoming article, “How safely are your baby’s memories stored?”.

Undoubtedly, Facebook and similar social sites do not offer the minimal level of protection that we require when it comes to the safety and security of our children.


Blogs are a great tool to share and manage stories about your baby. Most allow you to upload photos and some allow you to upload videos as well. While the simplicity of these websites can be appealing, you are frequently limited by the rigid format of generic blogs.

A critical limitation of most generic blogs —and directly related to the topic of our article— is that blogs are public in nature. They are an all or nothing solution in the sense that your only way to make something private is not to publish it, that is not to share it. Once you publish it, it is out of your control.

Not only do blogs lack the specific features found in a baby-oriented website, most importantly they are not the right answer if you are concerned about your baby’s privacy.

Not long ago blogs and social media sites were the only formats available for storing and sharing your baby’s stories online. Recently online baby books have emerged as a modern and contemporary alternative.

Online baby books

Online baby books (also known as baby websites) are a tool created specifically for parents and allow you to build a personalized website for your baby. Their recent development in the online community means that they are still relatively new. The quantity of available online baby books and their range of features has been steadily growing. A simple Google search will return multiple results.

With all these alternatives, why do we recommend

  • BabyTriana has an extensive feature list.
  • It is completely free of charge.
  • It was created by parents for parents.
  • It gives you total control over who can access your baby’s website.

The security features wish-list outlined In our previous article “how secure is your baby book? Know your needs” we listed the security features a parent must have present while looking for a baby website. Meeting the requirements of this list is a top priority for us.

BabyTriana is not the only option available for an online baby book, but it is certainly unique in what it has to offer. We invite you to join BabyTriana’s select group of parents and create your free online baby book now.

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