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Introducing the Protected Baby Book

Sunday, February 12, 2012Pablo
BabyTriana's privacy protection

BabyTriana is happy to announce the launch of the Protected Baby Book, a new feature that gives more options relative to the security properties of your baby website.

In most cases, online baby book services offer you two options in terms of privacy:

  1. Public website, accessible to anyone without restrictions.
  2. Private website with access restricted to authorized accounts or visitors with knowledge of a password or passphrase.

With BabyTriana you have a new option when configuring the privacy of your baby website. A protected baby book hides or randomly generates sensitive data (such as age, date and place of birth) when viewed by random visitors. Only guests with an authorized account can view the complete site. Specifically the sensitive data is treated as follows:

  • Birth place, weight, and height are hidden.
  • Age, date and time of birth are randomly generated. The date of all your posts (excepts the last one) are also randomly generated so as not to indirectly give undesired information to visitors.

If you chose to make your online baby book protected, you are still sharing your stories, photos, and videos with everyone without requiring them to create and account, and at the same time, hiding identifiable information.

Of course, content that you write in your own posts, picture descriptions, or welcome message is still viewable by visitors. Therefore you should not include identifiable information that you do not want random visitors to read.

We believe this is a very practical option because it provides your baby website with a adequate level of privacy without compromising accessibility. We like it so much that it is in fact the setting for Triana’s baby book.

This is our latest effort aimed at improving your experience with online baby books. If you still haven’t created your own, we invite you to create an online baby book for your baby now. It’s free and super-easy!

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