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Baby's hair grows in funky ways

In the previous post, we established that there are no scientific reasons to shave your baby’s head. You may have other motivations however, such as following religious or cultural traditions.

So, if you won’t shave your baby’s head, when will he get his first haircut? 

In some cultures the answer is clear. For example, if you are an orthodox Jew, you’ll wait until the male child’s is three years old and the hair will be cut in a ceremony called Upsherinish

Another milestone frequently referred to an appropriate age for a haircut is the one year mark. Although many consider it a must-follow rule, it is just as arbitrary as many others. We have heard that hairdressers’ insurance in the USA won’t cover children until they are one year old, so that may be one of the reasons; if you cut your baby’s hair in the first year, you’ll probably have to do it yourself. On the other hand, you should be able to do it just fine, and unless you have money to spare, you might as well. 

We propose a different approach; unless you are following a religious or cultural tradition, cut your baby’s hair for the first time based on the length of the hair, not on the age of the baby. Basically when she needs it, regardless of age. Doesn’t that seem logical? Ask yourself questions such as: Does it look really bad? Is the long hair getting in their eyes?

We have learned enough about the when an why of a baby’s first haircut. Read the third part of this article to learn the how.

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