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Thank you everyone for supporting us
Last photo before packing
Climbing Freemont Pass
Alex' Angels team
With Alex, Damond and Melisa

We surpassed every expectation we had and raised $1170 that will go a long way to benefit the kids at the Children’s Hospital. The response we have received to our pledge has been outstanding and for that we thank everyone of you so very much.

  • Amber
  • Calvin
  • Dolphin Micro
  • Ferdinand
  • Jay
  • Jeff
  • Jodi
  • Kasia
  • Kate
  • Katy
  • Laurel
  • Mark
  • Molly
  • Mysia
  • Hale Pet Door
  • Stuart
  • Sue

We are also very grateful to those who sent their message of support to our ride.

We tried to make our participation on the 2011 Courage Classic very special and we can all agree that we have succeeded. It was special in many ways:

  1. It was special because of your amazing response. The combined efforts of all the riders in the Courage Classic raised more than $2.1 million and we are so proud to be a part of that.
  2. It was special because we challenged ourselves to ride the CC in an unprecedented way. Riding the entire course pulling a trailer was quite an ambitious goal. There are no official statistics but we are pretty certain that Triana has become the youngest person to ever complete the Courage Classic. It’s kind of a big deal.
  3. There were a lot of cheering in the climb to Vail Pass but nobody enjoyed their 1-year old daughter applaud enthusiastically to the dad in front of her. No wait, I did. How is that for special?
  4. And it’s special because we got to spend precious time with our friends Melisa and Damond, and their son Jack, Alex’ big brother. We shared the honor of riding for Alex with the rest of Alex’ Angels team and for that we are very proud. We know that Alex rode in spirit with his parents and big brother, but we have no doubt that he found time for us too and give us a push in the hardest moments. Alex, you gave us the extra strength that we needed!

For more details about our three-day ride read the Courage Classic Chronicles and visit the event photo gallery.

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