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BabyTriana Weblog Entries for June 2011

Baby’s first haircut (III) How?

Monday, June 27, 2011By Pablo

You have read part one and two of this long article and have decided it’s time to cut your baby’s hair for the first time. It is also the first time you give a baby a haircut. How do you do it?

Let us start with two pieces of advice:

  1. Keep away the bowl technique, please. No bowls are to be used for this haircut. That is just cruel. If you don’t ...

Baby’s first haircut. Why, when, how? Myths vs Facts (II)

Sunday, June 26, 2011By Pablo

In the previous post, we established that there are no scientific reasons to shave your baby’s head. You may have other motivations however, such as following religious or cultural traditions.

So, if you won’t shave your baby’s head, when will he get his first haircut? 

In some cultures the answer is clear. For example, if you are an orthodox Jew, you’ll wait until the male child’s is three years old and ...

Baby's first haircut. Why, when, how? Myths vs Facts

Saturday, June 25, 2011By Pablo

Many parents have received strong advice about their baby’s first haircut. Often that advice is conveyed with apparent authority, but curiously contradicts the very next thing you’ll hear which is expressed with an equally strong sense of conviction.

Surprised that this is such a hot topic? There are many theories on when and why a baby should or should not have his/her first haircut. Some theories seem non-sensical, others seem somewhat credible, while others ...

Introducing BabyTriana Weblog

Friday, June 24, 2011By Pablo

BabyTriana was created with the goal of becoming a useful resource to parents of babies and small children. The Weblog -our most recent addition-has been born with the same spirit. Here you can expect to find articles on a variety of topics related to parenting. We'll have articles on health, education, or useful (we hope) advice that may help you get out of some hairy situations, to stories that only intend to be fun and ...

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