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  • Designed specifically for your baby

    Great-looking website personalized specifically for your baby

    Choose between a growing number of templates and further personalize your baby book with your own header pictures and content. You will have created a unique website for your baby.

    Visit our template gallery.

  • Privacy protection

    Protects your privacy

    You decide who can visit your online baby book. Choose between a public website or a private one where only members authorized by your can access its pages.

    Find more information.

  • Blog/journal for multiple users

    Blog or baby journal for multiple authors

    All the typical features of a blog or online baby journal where your family and friends can become authors and publish updates about your baby in a super-friendly format so anyone can use it. Visitors can also interact in your site by leaving comments.

  • Picture gallery demonstration

    Picture galleries

    Organize your baby's pictures by date, event, or any category of your choice, in an unlimited number of galleries and sort them at will so your family and friends can access them easily.

    Click on the left picture or here for a demonstration.
  • Video Gallery demonstration

    Video gallery

    Upload videos by adding them to a blog entry and play them at the video gallery sorted by recording date. Videos are stored at a size of 480x360 pixels, 24fps (frames per second).

    Click on the video or here for a demonstration.

  • Flip book

    Flip book

    The flip book is a fun animation that displays a sequence of closeups of your baby sorted by date so everyone can enjoy how your baby is growing. You can have a slideshow from birth through childhood, teens, college? it's up to you. One of our coolest features!

  • BabyTriana speaks English and Spanish

    BabyTriana is bilingual

    BabyTriana speaks English and Spanish. Site administrators can opt to display pages in English or Spanish. You can also let visitors select their preferred language.

    Please note that the content your enter yourself remains unchanged.

  • BabyTriana plays nice with Facebook

    Integration with Facebook

    BabyTriana plays nice with Facebook. When you publish or update a blog entry or a picture gallery you can post a link to the updated page on your Facebook wall by simply crossing a checkbox. Furthermore your visitors can like and share on Facebook any of your baby book pages, pictures or videos with the click of a button.

    Visit BabyTriana's Facebook page

  • Friendly site admin

    Friendly admin pages

    Absolutely no knowledge of programming or computer stuff is necessary to create an online baby book with BabyTriana. If you can navigate the Internet in your favorite browser, you are ready!

    Create your online baby book now!

  • BabyTriana backs up your files

    Your child's media files safely stored

    No need to worry about backing up your child's pictures, videos and stories. If you uploaded them to, they are safe! You have 100 megabytes of free available storage space.

  • What's the exact age of your baby?

    Real-time baby age teller

    Have you ever wondered what the exact age of your child is? BabyTriana knows! Your baby book will inform vistors (and yourself) of the age of your baby to the minute in real time. His/her age is updated in all pages of your site every minute.

  • Email reminders

    Periodic email reminders

    We've been there, sometimes all we need is a friendly reminder to upload that picture or post that story we have been pushing back. Life is hectic taking care of a baby.

    Thanks to this feature you can receive email reminders when you haven't posted anything new for a period of time set by you. A convenient link in your email will take you to your baby book admin page.

  • Your own subdomain

    Your own subdomain

    The internet address (url) of your website home page will be based on your baby's name and last name, such as

    If that subdomain is not available your will be offered other options also based on your baby's name.

    Find more information.


* If you create your site during the promotion period.